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PPP demands fair elections in country, says Bilawal Bhutto

PPP demands fair elections in country, says Bilawal Bhutto
November 13, 2020

Addressing a press conference on Friday, he said that it was still time not to make the elections controversial. "There should be political and democratic freedom. We will not let anyone steal the vote. We are countering conspiracies today. However, the PPP will win by a huge margin," he added.

The PPP chairman said that the election laws are made so that no one can use government resources and position to influence the elections but the selected prime minister and his ministers openly violated the election laws and ran the election campaign in GB.

He said that he hopes that on 15th November people of GB will come out to vote for their rights and vote for PPP. "The PPP had three main rights for the people of GB in its manifesto. The right to rule, the right to property and the right to employment are the promises the PPP has made," he added.