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PPP’s Nabil Gabol storms FCHS chairman’s house

PPP’s Nabil Gabol storms FCHS chairman’s house
March 3, 2020
KARACHI (92 News) – Pakistan People’s Party leader Nabil Gabol on Monday stormed the house of Fishermen Cooperative Housing Society (FCHS) Chairman Hafiz Abdul Barr. In the CCTV footage obtained by 92 News, it can be easily seen that Nabil Gabol attacked the house of Hafiz Abdul Barr in Karachi. Gabol hit his car with the door of the FCH chairman’s house door, waving arms with his men entered into the house. The PPP leader is also accused of firing at a house and threatening servants. An FIR against Nabil Gabol was lodged in Karachi’s defence phase II area after he stormed the office of Hafiz Abdul Barr. Gabol and his men are seen carrying guns outside Barr’s house. The FIR against Gabol was registered under the name of Ghulam Shabbir and it carries the clause of attempted murder. The FCHS chairman claimed that the house is the property of senior PPP leader Sardar Abdul Latif Khosa which he uses as his office. The FCHS chairman alleged that Nabil Gabol wants to establish a factory in the red zone and when he refused the PPP leader abused him over phone and later attacked his house.
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