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Preparations to celebrate Eidul Azha in full swing

Preparations to celebrate Eidul Azha in full swing
August 22, 2017
LAHORE (92 News) – As Eidul Azha is just around the corner, the preparations are in full swing in across the country with many looking for a sacrificial animal that may not only be in accordance to the religious requirement but also suitable to their respective budgets. For the majority of citizens, though, Eid preparations meant finding a good place to celebrate. Malls too became increasingly crowded with people enjoying various family shows particularly organized for Eid celebrations. The administration of major cities has designated specific places for animal markets where faithful in large number are buying animals for sacrificing on Eidul Azha. Every seller is looking for an edge, every buyer for a trick. Both sides also seem to be swept up in the excitement of the holiday ritual, when Muslims of the world over will slit the throat of an animal and distribute its meat to friends, relatives and the needy. People especially children are showing great interest in getting the animals of their choice.     Makeshift stalls selling fodder and cattle specific ornaments are an equal site of attraction for the proud purchasers. The government has taken strict security measures across the country to avoid any untoward incident. In the given scenario there should be no surprise to see frequent traffic jams across the city. These gridlock can also be attributed to makeshift cattle markets, witnessed in different areas despite official ban on sale in such manner. The municipal corporations across the country have a tedious task to collect offal from outside houses, street corners and even vast spaces of public property where animals are sacrificed. Compared to the previous years when the stench enveloped neighborhoods even days after the festival had ended, municipal services have lately improved.