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Proceedings of scrutiny committee can't be broadcasted foreign funding case: ECP

Proceedings of scrutiny committee can't be broadcasted foreign funding case: ECP
January 21, 2021

ISLAMABAD (92 News) – The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on Thursday said that proceedings of scrutiny committee cannot be broadcasted in PTI foreign funding case.

In a statement, ECP spokesperson urged people to avoid making unnecessary statements and analysis about the case without any evidence. He added that the decision in the foreign funding case will be taken on merit without any fear and pressure.

The ECP spokesperson also said the scrutiny committee will present its comprehensive recommendation to the commission after taking stock of all the aspects.

Earlier, the ECP has strongly rejected Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM)’s accusations and criticism against delayed investigation of the foreign funding case against PTI.

Responding to the PDM’s protest, the ECP said that the national body was fully aware of its constitutional and legal responsibilities and it would not come under any pressurs.

ECP said that despite the coronavirus pandemic, lawyers’ engagements and the retirement of a committee member, progress was made on the foreign funding case. Moreover, the scrutiny committee has been directed to meet three days a week.

The statement said that the Commission was ready to hold general elections, senate elections, local government and by-elections.

ECP also announced that the foreign funding case would soon be brought to a logical conclusion.

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