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Prominent Urdu poet, Na’at Khwan Muzaffar Warsi being remembered

Prominent Urdu poet, Na’at Khwan Muzaffar Warsi being remembered
January 28, 2021

LAHORE (92 News) - Prominent Urdu poet, Na’at Khwan and scholar Muzaffar Warsi is being remembered on his 10th death anniversary on Thursday (January 28).

Muzaffar Warsi was born on Dec 23, 1933 in Meerath, India. He was a prominent Urdu poet, critic, essayist and lyricist. Among his publications were collection of various poetry genres and autobiography entitled “Gaye dinon ka suraagh” which was considered a classic. He also used to write for Urdu newspapers.

He won wide acclaim for lending his melodious voice to Na’ats many of which have become popular mobile ringtones. One of the famous recitals over the years has been: “Koie to hai jo nizam-i-hasti chala raha hai”.

It was as a Na’at Khwan he won celebrity and the government honoured him with Pride of Performance.

He wrote a rich collection of not just Naats, but also several anthologies of Ghazals and Nazms including his autobiography 'Gaye Dinon Ka Suraagh' which is considered to be a classic book.

His literary works included Hamdia and Natia Kalam books Alhamd,Lashareek,Kaaba-e-Ishq,Noor-e-Azal,Baab-e-Haram,Meray Achay Rasool,Dil Sey Dar-e-NabA! Tak,Sahib-ut-Taaj,Ummi Laqabi,Gaye Dinon Ka Suraagh, an autobiography Ghazal books Barf KA! Nao,Khulay Dareechay Band Hawa,Lehja,Raakh Kay Dhair Main Phool,Tanha guzri hai,Dekha jo teer kha kay,Hisaar.

Warsi died on January 28, 2011 in Lahore.