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Pulwama attack associated with internal politics of India: Asad

Pulwama attack associated with internal politics of India: Asad
March 15, 2019
ISLAMABAD (92 News) – Minister for Finance Asad Umar termed on Friday that the Pulwama attack was associated with the internal politics of India. Addressing the Graduation ceremony of 27th Advanced Diplomatic Course organized by Foreign Service Academy for Foreign Diplomats, Asad umar said that Pakistan’s hand of friendship is still extended to India but if India resorted to any misadventure, this hand will turn into a fist. Referring to the recent staffoff with India, Asad Umar said, “Things seemed to be on the mend. We, however, will continue to be guard till the elections are held in the neighboring India.” The finance minister said Pakistan stays committed to improve relations with all the regional countries including India. “We have the capacity and capability to defend the motherland,” he added. He further said that the efforts are being isolate Pakistan from two centuries.
Pak trying to improve trade ties with different countries: Asad
“Pakistan is opening up to the world with improved security situation in Pakistan. Pakistan is trying to improve trade and economic relations with different countries in order to exploit its full potential,” the finance minister explained.
Geo strategic location of Pakistan
Referring to the geo strategic location of Pakistan, the Finance Minister said Pakistan is the pivot of the Silk Road. “We are in the process of implementing China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project which has strengthened our economic relations with the time tested friend,” the minister said. He pointed out that Pakistan and Turkey are also on the path of developing strategic economic framework. A strategic relationship council has also been set up with Saudi Arabia to further deepen the relations with the Kingdom. Asad umar said that Pakistan by its history and incredible heritage is a multi-cultural society and we want to make this accessible to the rest of the world.
Pakistan’s efforts for Afghan peace widely being appreciated
On Afghanistan, Asad Umar said Pakistan's efforts for the Afghan peace process are now widely being appreciated. He said Pakistan will continue to play its role to make the dialogue process successful. One of the course participants from the West Indies appreciated the magnanimity shown by Prime Minister Imran Khan in defusing the tension with India.
IMF further talks will be held soon: Asad Umar
Earlier, Asad Umar confirmed that the federal government has not yet approached the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for a bailout package. Addressing the “Leaders in Islamabad Business Summit”, Asad Umar said that the government has managed to bridge the gap with the IMF and further talks will be held with the IMF this week.
Govt to stop tax evasion through modern technology
Asad Umar warned that tax evaders won’t be spared and said the government is applying IT solutions to check tax evasion and bring reforms in the institution. He said the government will chase down tax evaders. “It is taking help from technology to bring more people into the tax net. A tracking system for tax evaders is in the works,” he added.
Fiscal deficit created by previous government
The finance minister said that the fiscal deficit created by previous government was the major reason behind the rise in the inflation rate. He admitted that the federal government felt difficulties of its nationals due to inflation hike but it did happen when steps have been taken to remove bigger deficits. Asad Umar slammed criticism continued by the opposition over the hike of inflation rate. He said that the current inflation rate stood at 2.4 per cent under the federal government led by the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).