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Punjab CM approves fixing of Orange Line Metro Train fare as Rs40

Punjab CM approves fixing of Orange Line Metro Train fare as Rs40
January 10, 2020
LAHORE (92 News) – Punjab Chief Minister (CM) Usman Buzdar has approved fixing of Orange Line Metro Train fare as Rs40. The approval was given during a session of Punjab’s Mass Transit Transport Authority. The session was held on Friday to finalise the fares for Orange Line Metro Train (OLMT), Metro and Speedo bus services. The recommendations of orange train fare for Rs50 has been given to the Punjab chief minister. However, the final decision and approval will be given in the Punjab cabinet meeting. In the high level session of previous day, the authority recommended to set fare of OLMT up to Rs40-50, whereas, the ticket prices for Metro and Speedo will be retained up to Rs30. The recommendations have been forwarded to the provincial cabinet which will take the final decision for the fares of Orange Line Metro Train, sources added. Meanwhile, Usman Buzdar rejected the recommendations to increase the fare of Metro bus, directing the concerned officials to fix Rs30 fare for metro bus. On the other hand, no chance to run the Orange Line Metro Train is seen near future as test-run has been conducted. But the civil works on the route has not been completed till now. Earlier on Dec 10, Orange Line Train, which was inaugurated from Dera Gujjran, completed its test run at Ali Town. Punjab Transport Minister Dr Salman and several other key figures travelled by the train during the test run. The train reached Ali Town covering 27km distance in 45 minutes. The train has sitting arrangement for 200 passengers, while 800 people can travel by standing in train. However, citizens will have to wait for three more months to enjoy the modern journey.