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Punjab CM Usman Buzdar, Basharat Raja discuss budget session

Punjab CM Usman Buzdar, Basharat Raja discuss budget session
June 12, 2020
LAHORE (92 News) – Punjab Law Minister Muhammad Basharat Raja called on Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar at his office and discussed matters relating to budget session of the Punjab Assembly. Both also discussed safety measures for saving the MPAs from coronavirus during the session. The CM directed that precautionary measures should be efficiently implemented as the budget session is being held in a local hotel, instead of the Punjab Assembly, to ensure the safety of the members. “The coronavirus pandemic has affected every segment of the society,” he added. The chief minister said that measures will be proposed to protect the poor segments in the upcoming budget and added that a comprehensive strategy has been devised for providing relief to the common man. “Every segment will be taken care of in the next budget. Receipt of governmental taxes has been decreased due to coronavirus. Solving the economic difficulties of the common man is the priority of the government and maintained that a relief-providing budget will be presented despite difficult circumstances. Unnecessary expenditures will be decreased,” he added. The CM maintained that record legislation has been made by the Punjab government during the last two years to facilitate the citizens and Punjab Assembly’s legislation record is much better than other provincial assemblies. “Every moment is being spent on public welfare as it is the main agenda of the government,” he added. He regretted that the past rulers only protected their personal interests. Usman Buzdar said that the PTI-led government is creating ease in the lives of every stratum and vowed the mission of public service will be completed. “People want practical steps, instead of slogans, and opposition has no public welfare agenda nor any strategy to deal with coronavirus. Instead of personal likes and dislikes, Punjab is following the principles of merit and good governance and the government is moving forward in the right direction,” he said. "On the other side, the opposition is engaged in politics on non-issues. The government will accelerate the journey of public service without caring for criticism for the sake of criticism," the CM concluded.