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Punjab minister threatens Benzir hospital’s MS over disregarding orders

Punjab minister threatens Benzir hospital’s MS over disregarding orders
December 16, 2018
RAWALPINDI (92 News) – Punjab Minister for Law and Parliamentary Affairs Raja Basharat threatened the Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Hospital Medical Superintendent (MS) Dr Tariq Mehmood Khan Niazi over the alleged disregard of his orders of the transfer of a female medical officer. According to the sources, the law minister phoned the MS and threatened to him for disobeying his order. The recording of call has been surfaced. In the recording, the minister spoke loudly to the MS and threatened him, saying that the lady doctor must be sent to the skin department or ready for dire consequences. “You will not be present in this hospital on Monday if he does not obey transfer’s order of lady doctor,” the minister said during the call. It can also be heard during the recording that the MS is apologising but the minister is only giving threats. Meanwhile, the spokesperson of Raja Basharat clarified that the MS recorded the personal call conversation which is unethical. It is pertinent to mention here that it all began when the MS sought the list of names of three doctors from the head of Skin Department to transfer them to Emergency Department to meet the shortage of doctors there.