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Rain, snowfall turns weather cold in Murree

Rain, snowfall turns weather cold in Murree
November 20, 2019
MURREE (92 News) – Snow and rain turned the weather cold in Murree on Wednesday. Due to the snowfall, the mercury dropped and the visitors are enjoying with the beautiful scenes of the nature.
Warmly welcome of Tourists
It was reported that the tourists are being warmly welcomed in Muree and necessary arrangements have been made by the concerned authorities to clear snow from the roads. The visitors, who stuck in traffic, were being given dry fruit packets and water. The city traffic police arranged hot stoves in different places for the visitors. Cool breeze and drizzle at plain areas has intensified the cold while snowfall in northern areas has turned everything white.
Shopping of Wollen wears
Those tourists, who miscalculate the weather and not carry proper winter gear, rush to the garments shop for woollen wear to cover their heads and hands under the chilling temperature.
Food on Mall Road
On Mall Road, the aroma of tikka karhai coming from the hotels fills the air, rising appetite of passers-by. But it is not just tikka karhai, the air also has a whiff of chapli kabab, fried fish and biryani.