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Rains break Karachi's 30-year-old record in August

Rains break Karachi's 30-year-old record in August
August 26, 2020
KARACHI (92 News) - Relief efforts in full swing as Karachi rains break 30-year-old record in August after torrential rains left residents of several low-lying areas stranded and without help. According to the reports, it was confirmed that the 30-year record of the monsoon downpour was broken after yesterday’s rainfall in Karachi in August this year. The 30-year record was broken after a 345mm downpour was recorded at Karachi’s PAF Faisal Base in August this year, which was previously recorded rainfall up to 298.4mm in 1984. The most amount of rainfall up to 272mm was recorded at Masroor Base in 2007, whereas, the August 2020’s downpour was recorded up to 228.5mm and is still continuing. In 1979, 262.5mm rain had been recorded in MOS Old Airport while the recent downpour was 168.9 in the same area. According to the Met Office, 114mm rain was recorded in Gulshan-e-Hadeed, 83mm in Sadar, 81mm in Landhi, 77.8mm at University Road, 76.6mm in Nazimabad, 70.8mm in Saadi Town, 65.8mm at Jinnah Terminal, 49.8mm in North Karachi, 42.8 in Surjani and the lowest amount of downpour was 21.9mm in Keamari. The MET Office on Monday had forecast heavy rainfall in the city till Thursday, warning that urban flooding could take place in the city.