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Rana Shamim says he stated everything on oath, ready to face Saqib Nisar

Rana Shamim says he stated everything on oath, ready to face Saqib Nisar
December 7, 2021 Web Desk

ISLAMABAD (92 News) – Gilgit Baltistan former chief judge Rana Shamim said that he had stated everything on oath and he was ready to face former chief justice Saqib Nisar.

In his written reply submitted to the Islamabad High Court (IHC) in personal on Tuesday, he said that he had promised his late wife to bring the facts on record. "The objective of submitting the statement in London was to preserve the affidavit," he declared.

Rana Shamim said that he did not know who gave the affidavit to the reporter.

IHC Chief Justice Athar Minallah remarked that he (Rana Shamim) will be indicted if the original affidavit was not submitted by Monday. "Allegations have been levelled against the judges of this court, not someone else," he observed.

He remarked that the affidavit had put a question mark on the credibility of this court. "The court assistant said that neither the version of the IHC registrar nor the court was taken in the news," he added.

Addressing to Latif Afridi, the IHC chief justice remarked that the judges could not hold a press conference to present their stance. "How did Rana Shamim come to know that a wrong act was done three years ago. I can claim that no one can approach the judges of this court," he observed.

Latif Afridi said that Rana Shamim had neither denied the affidavit nor given it for publication.

To a question about the whereabouts of the affidavit, he replied that it was with his (Rana Shamim) grandson in London.

The IHC chief justice remarked that it was mandatory to present the original affidavit to proceed with the case. At this, Latif Afridi requested the court to allow Rana Shamim to go abroad to bring the affidavit.

However, the court stopped Rana Shamim from going abroad and adjourned the case till Monday.