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Resistance will continue till last Indian soldier quits IOJ&K: Gilani

Resistance will continue till last Indian soldier quits IOJ&K: Gilani
December 17, 2019
SRINAGAR (KMS) – All Parties Hurriyat Conference chairman Syed Ali Gilani has reiterated the Kashmiris’ resolve to continue the ongoing struggle until the last Indian soldier withdraws from the occupied Kashmiri soil adding that he is sure that the resistance movement will finally force India to concede defeat. Syed Ali Gilani, in a message to the Kashmiri people, said, “The overwhelmingly growing public participation in the resistance movement further increased Indian state’s sense of insecurity and in utter desperation and frustration, and in flagrant violation of the international law, the Government of India finally made the illegal, immoral, inhuman and undemocratic announcement of annexing Kashmir into the Indian union.” To implement the decision of Aug 5, he said, India put the entire Kashmir region under an unprecedented and indefinite security lockdown and communications black out. “Schools, colleges universities, markets and mosques, everything was shut. Telephone, mobile and internet services were suspended. More than 18 thousand people were arrested and thrown into police lock ups and prisons.” Gilani said that thousands of children youth and elderly were brutalised and women were assaulted in their homes and those protesting these excesses were issued naked threats of rape. The ailing leader pointed out that despite all these brutalities and excesses, Kashmiri people continued their resistance delivering a strong message to the whole world that their resolve remains unbroken and they will never give up their demand for freedom. Warning of India’s future designs, Gilani said, “Our Muslim-majority character will be targeted and assaulted at every level and our right to live as Muslims will be taken away from us. There is also a strong possibility that our mosques, khanqahs and seminaries would no longer remain safe and may suffer the same fate as Babri Majid.” He cautioned all pro-India Kashmiri politicians that history had given them another chance to join peoples’ movement and stand shoulder to shoulder with them in their fight for justice and freedom. He also warned Kashmir police against its atrocities on innocent fellow Kashmiri people saying police ‘have committed murder, rape, arson and are involved in blinding several Kashmiri children with shotgun pellets. History stands witness that J & K police’s role in prolonging India’s occupation of Kashmir has been instrumental. Today when India has drawn the decisive line, it’s the guns of J&K police along with those of Indian army standing between us and our freedom.” “At this decisive juncture in our history, I am warning the Occupied J&K police that before the peoples’ sentiment for freedom blows them away like feathers, they should introspect and then decide as to whether they want to stand with the oppressed Kashmiris, to whom they originally belong, or they want to continue to act like an instrument of oppression at India’s behest and go on fighting their own kith and kin.” Mentioning Pakistan’s role in highlighting the Kashmir cause, the APHC chairman thanked the government and people of Pakistan. He said, “In these difficult and testing times, the enormous courage, maturity and realism that Islamic Republic of Pakistan has displayed in highlighting Indian atrocities and defending Kashmiri people’s movement for the right to self-determination at various internal forums, is highly commendable. Only a sincere friend and a kind benefactor can do all this. It was only because of Pakistan’s tireless efforts that Kashmir issue was again discussed at the UNSC after 52 years.” At the end, he said, “Advanced old age and ill health may not grant me more respite to communicate with you again. It has been my longstanding wish that I be buried in the graveyard of Baqee, so that on the day of Judgement I meet my Lord in the company of those great personalities whose footprints serve as lighthouses for the Muslim Ummah and following whom I have tried, to the best of my abilities, to defend the Kashmir part of Muslim Ummah and strive for the Iqamat-e-Deen.”