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River Sutlej again starts swelling as Chanda Singhwala road link cut off

River Sutlej again starts swelling as Chanda Singhwala road link cut off
August 23, 2019
KASUR (92 News) – The water level in the River Sutlej has started increasing due to flow of 53,000 cusecs water at Ganda Singhwala on Friday. The road link of Chanda Singhwala with other areas has been severed. Dozens of villages, including Gatti Kalanjar, Mastayki, Bhagaran Wali, Ahlani and Bhiki Wind, have been cut off from the other areas. Hundreds of acres of crops have submerged due to the flood. The rescue teams have shifted 3,200 people to safer places. Moreover, a dyke broke near Jodhay. As a result, dozens of villages were affected due to floodwater. Locals had constructed the dyke on self-help basis.
Sutlej in high flood as more 65,000 cusecs water enters from India
On August 22, more villages were submerged due to a high flood in the River Sutlej near Okara after the release of more 65,000 cusecs of water into the river by India. According to the reports, the district administration of Okara has shifted more than 300 people to safer places. Several more villages have been evacuated and the people shifted to safer places. According to the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), 125,000 cusecs water is passing through Ganda Singhwala. Moreover, the water level is continuously increasing in Indus and Chenab rivers. Crops have been inundated by the flooding in a large belt. The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) had earlier warned of flood in the areas alongside River Sutlej after India decided to release up to 200,000 cusecs of water into the river without notifying the relevant authorities.