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River Sutlej may face flood situation as India likely to release more water

River Sutlej may face flood situation as India likely to release more water
August 20, 2019
ISLAMABAD (92 News) – River Sutlej may face flood situation at Ganda Singh point in Kasur as Indian authorities are likely to release two lac cusec water in Sutlej River. River Sutlej may face flood situation at Ganda Singh point during next ten to fifteen hours. Flood Forecasting Division of Met Department in Lahore said that Ganda Singh point is currently at Below Low Flood level, with current water flow of over thirty five thousand cusecs, which is expected to be risen upto one lac forty thousand cusecs to one lac fifty thousand cusecs during next ten to fifteen hours. Palku Nullah at Sialkot is in Medium flood situtaion with current water flow of three thousand one hundred cusecs. In Punjab, all other rivers and nullahs are flowing normally. River Sindh is currently in Medium Flood at Guddu with a flow of 415,666 cusecs and out flow of 375,466 cusecs, while in Low Flood at Sukkur with in flow of 353,287 cusecs and out flow of 294,162. A telephonic conversation between Indian and Pakistani Indus Water commissioners was held during which, water data was discussed to devise steps to prevent flooding in the river. The Pakistani commissioner told that as per agreement, Indian government is bound to inform before releasing water in the rivers.
Pakistan Army summoned
Soldiers of Pakistan army have been summoned after water level rose in River Sutlej and inundated nearby villages and colonies.
Flood alert issued as India releases water without any notice
The PDMA of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa issued flood alert for River Sutlej and Ravi after India opened waterways of two dams without any information to Pakistan. PDMA Punjab issued a red alert due to rising water levels in River Sutlej. Additionally, the PDMA KP director general said that India had opened the outlets of Alchi dam unannounced which, he said could lead to a flooding situation in River Indus.
Punjab CM summons emergency meeting
Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar has summoned an emergency meeting to discuss the flood alert for River Sutlej. During the meeting, the situation will be discussed in detail including a focus on steps taken for relief work and the security arrangements made.
India continuously violates Indus Waters Treaty
Deputy Indus Water Commissioner Shiraz Memon has said that India is continuously violating the Indus Waters Treaty and Indian government closed data sharing on water. He said that Indian authorities did not inform about opening water towards Pakistan. Under the 1960 Indus Water Treaty, India has to preschedule its spillway openings. PM Narendra Modi’s government has decided to suspend meetings of the Indus Water Commission, which was formed to resolve disputes over water sharing. Relations between Pakistan and India have been strained since India stripped Kashmiris of the special status they had for seven decades through a rushed presidential order on August 5.