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Rs6 billion debts being paid daily which taken by previous rulers: PM

Rs6 billion debts being paid daily which taken by previous rulers: PM
April 17, 2019
ISLAMABAD (92 News) – Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday launched a “Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme” at a ceremony in Islamabad. Addressing inauguration of Naya Pakistan Housing Programme ceremony, the prime minister said that his government holds the vision of making Pakistan a modern Islamic welfare country. He also announced to lift lower strata as per principles of PBUH. Criticizing the opponents, Imran Khan pronounced that six million rupees debts are being paid daily which was taken by the previous rulers, adding that the nation should not be frightened.
PM says beneficiaries of system resisting change
PM Khan said that beneficiaries of the system including a few members of the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) are resisting change. “Even in the FBR there are people who are resisting change for their personal interest,” he explained.
Government has been called failure from Day 1
“Our government has been called a failure from Day 1,” he said. “They can’t win their battle against us.” Under the Naya Pakistan Housing Programme, 135,000 housing units will be built across the country in the first phase.
Housing did not feature high on his priority list: PM
The prime minister, during his speech, explained that housing did not feature high on his priority list originally but an incident changed his way of thinking about the industry. “My first priority was health, education and employment,” he mentioned. “But then I found out about a soon-to-be retiring government employee who was told that the only two ways his family could retain their government residence was if his son got inducted in the same department if he died while still a government employee.” “That man committed suicide next day,” he said, adding that “it was then that I realised how difficult it is for the salaried class to gather funds needed for building houses.”
Pakistan needs 10 million homes
“Pakistan needs 10 million homes but the salaried class does not have the money,” the prime minister regretted. He also said that Pakistan’s 210 million strong population means that its housing sector is seen as an attractive market for investors. PM Khan said that his government wants to build 5 million homes for the lower strata. “As many as 40 per cent of Karachi lives in the informal settlement,” he said. “We want to take ahead the lower strata ahead.”
Flats, commercial plazas to be constructed in slum areas
Imran Khan said that the commercial plazas and multi stories flats would be constructed in the slum areas. He also announced to build 100000 flats in Balochistan, 25000 flats in Islamabad and 6000 flats in Azad Jammu and Kashmir.
Federal cabinet approves Naya Pakistan Housing Authority
Earlier, Federal cabinet, which held uner the chair of Prime Minister Imran khan, approved construction of 1,35,000 apartments under “Naya Pakistan Housing Authority” across Pakistan. Briefing the journalists after the federal cabinet meeting, Minister for Information Fawad Chaudhry said the cabinet granted approval to the establishment of “Naya Pakistan Housing Authority”. The minister explained that 25,000 apartments would be built in Islamabad for federal government employees and Prime Minister Imran Khan will inaugurate the scheme on 17th of this month. He said 110,000 apartments will be constructed in Balochistan, where fishermen of Gwadar can get residence as well.