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Running affairs of country not like playing cricket: Bilawal

Running affairs of country not like playing cricket: Bilawal
October 20, 2019
KARACHI (92 News) – Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said that running the affairs of country is not like playing cricket. Speaking to the journalists outside Jinnah Hospital, the PPP chairman said that the problem of masses can only be solved during the democratic government. “If martial law imposes in the country, the PPP will ready to fight with dictatorship,” he added. “When parliament will be locked then politician would have to do protest,” he said. He also offered the federal government to solve problems of common people through parliament.
PM Imran cannot complete his term
Bilawal Bhutto predicted that Prime Minister Imran Khan cannot complete his term as he does not possess the abilities to do so. He said everyone including traders are protesting against this government and country is moving towards anarchy. He said Sindh government is providing relief to public and free health facilities are being provided. He said issues of Karachi are being solved with the help private sector, adding that we should all work together solve issues of masses. Bilawal Bhutto also expressed regret over the PPP’s defeat in the provincial assembly seat PS-11, saying that winning the elections with the help of institutions would badly impact on the federal government. He further said that Imran Khan has brought the situation of the country to the point that every section from Karachi to Kashmir is disturbed. “The government should take steps to solve the problems of the people,” he advised. Earlier, the PPP chairman visited Jinnah Hospital in Karachi where he visited the cyber knife section.