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Sahiwal tragedy: Names of CTD personnel disclosed

Sahiwal tragedy: Names of CTD personnel disclosed
January 22, 2019
LAHORE (92 News) – The names of the Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) personnel – involved in an alleged encounter in Sahiwal – have been disclosed on Monday. According to reports, the CTD team was led by Sub-Inspector (SI) Safdar Hussain, whereas Ahsan, Muhammad Ramzan, Saifullah and Hasnain Akbar were also present in the team. The privy sources said that the JIT team interrogated the team lead and asked him why the personnel opened fire on car despite of stopping the car? Meanwhile, the CTD other team members also recorded their statements on the Sahiwal alleged encounter. It was reported that the personnel opened fires at the car from front and both sides, in which the family was traveling in, resulting in the deaths of four, including a minor. The sources said that the claim of the CTD, the persons travelling in the car retaliated with Kalashnikov firing stood wrong as no evidence of firing from inside the car could be obtained. Moreover, the Bomb Disposal Squad (BDS) was not called on by the CTD team after the shootout despite claims of recovering explosives from the custody of the deceased. The sources further revealed that the crime scene was cleared without obtaining proofs. The CTD sources also said that the action was taken on the information passed by the informer. “The vehicle was traced a day earlier in Lahore then it disappeared and later was traced near Manga Mandi,” the CTD sources said.
Opposition in Senate rejects JIT on Sahiwal incident
Earlier today, the opposition parties in the Senate have rejected the joint investigation team (JIT) on the Sahiwal incident. Speaking in the House on Monday, PPP Senator Sherry Rehman said that the JIT formed by the government is tantamount to concealing the facts. Rejecting the government stance, she demanded the government should make the responsible public. “The government has continuously been changing the stance on the Sahiwal tragedy. The incident was planned and extra-judicial killings should be stopped,” she said.
Sahiwal incident: Punjab govt declares Zeeshan as terrorist
On Sunday, the Punjab government declared that Zeeshan – who was killed in alleged Sahiwal encounter conducted by CTD – was working for proscribed organization Daesh and he opened fire on police party. Addressing a press conference in Lahore with ministers, Punjab Minister for Law Raja Basharat on Sunday said that the Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) had carried out Sahiwal operation on concrete evidences and a Da’esh terrorist Zeeshan was killed resultantly.