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Sahiwal incident: 92 News obtains key evidences about Zeeshan

Sahiwal incident: 92 News obtains key evidences about Zeeshan
January 22, 2019
LAHORE (92 News) – The 92 News has obtained the most important evidences about the deceased Zeeshan Javed, who was killed by the CTD shootout in Sahiwal incident. According to the privy sources, a picture of Zeeshan has also been surfaced with Usman, another terrorist killed in Faisalabad. The sources revealed that details of the vehicle – used in Sahiwal incident – was owned by a terrorist named Adeel Hafeez who was killed in Faisalabad during the operation of security forces. It also said that he bought the car for Rs680,000 through an online application on May 9, 2018 from a man named Saqib Muhammad. However; the vehicle was under the use of Zeeshan. It was also reported that the terrorists was contacted from the mobile phone of Zeeshan Javed. He also expressed desire to make as suicide bomber. He has been suspected of having links with Daesh. Earlier today, Punjab Law Minister Raja Basharat announced on Tuesday announced that the initial report of joint investigation team (JIT) has held officers of the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) responsible for the killings of three members of the same family. Speaking to the journalists after a high-level meeting on the Sahiwal incident, the minister said that the JIT report found no link between Khalil family and terrorism, and hold the CTD officials behind their tragic extra-judicial killings. The law minister termed the Sahiwal alleged encounter as ‘100 percent correct’. He also said that the further investigation would be launched about the matter of Zeeshan, who already declared terrorist by the provincial government. He said the head of the JIT had sought some time to complete the investigation to ascertain the facts about Zeeshan, one of the persons killed in the operation whom the officials have been terming as ‘terrorist’ since day one.
Sahiwal incident: Punjab govt removes top police officials
Raja Basharat said that the Punjab government has decided to remove several officers of the CTD upon recommendations of the investigation team. The law minister said the CTD Additional IGP and the DIG Sahiwal had immediately been removed from his post, while DIG CTD and the SSP, who led the Sahiwal encounter, were suspended. He also said that challan of five CTD officials will be presented before the anti-terrorism court (ATC) tomorrow (on Wednesday) and have been charged under Section 302 of Pakistan Penal Code (PPC). The minister said that the government will hold an in camera briefing tomorrow on the incident. Basharat termed it as a ‘test-case’ for Punjab Government, and said that the government was committed to provide justice to the bereaved families. “In past, people used to wait for years to get justice, but the current government would provide justice to the victims”, he said.