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Sahiwal incident: Report reveals old friendship of Zeeshan, terrorist Adeel

Sahiwal incident: Report reveals old friendship of Zeeshan, terrorist Adeel
January 29, 2019
LAHORE (92 News) – The updated reports on Tuesday revealed the old friendship of Zeeshan Javed, who killed in Sahiwal alleged shootout, and terrorist Adeel. According to the latest developments, the sources said that Zeeshan was old friend of key terrorists Adeel. Reportedly, Zesshan contacted fifty times with the terrorist during a day and every call was occurred between them after every twenty minutes. The sources also revealed that instructions are being given to deceased Zeeshan during the call and he was directed to hide his face at Okara Toll Plaza. In another call, he was being asked to take another route for entering in Sahiwal. According to the sources, during the call of other terrorists, it said that the blood of Zeeshan would not go in vain. It was also reported that the terrorists said that the matter should be raised to make intelligence agencies as controversial. The Intelligence agencies enhanced the actions and changed the strategies against terrorists after the call recordings.
‘Why Zeeshan labelled ‘terrorist’ after being killed in Sahiwal’
The Zeeshan’s mother said that why Zeeshan was killed first and then labelled a ‘terrorist’. She demanded from the Senate’s Standing committee on Interior to provide her justice in relation to her son’s murder. Brother of the deceased, Ihtesham said that there is not a single FIR registered against his brother in the country. He said that for getting a job in the Dolphin Force, he attached a copy of Zeeshan’s CNIC and he got the job after security clearance. “After killing Zeeshan, proofs are being gathered against him,” said the brother of the deceased.
Senate body asks PM for judicial commission on Sahiwal incident
Earlier today, the Senate Standing Committee on Interior has sent a letter to Prime Minister Imran Khan for a judicial commission on the Sahiwal incident. Standing Committee on Interior Chairman Rehman Malik said that the prime minister should announce a judicial commission for investigations into the matter.