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Samjhauta tragedy: FM asks world to take notice of Indian double standard

Samjhauta tragedy: FM asks world to take notice of Indian double standard
March 21, 2019
ISLAMABAD (92 News) – Foreign Minister (FM) Shah Mehmood Qureshi on Thursday asked international community to take notice of the Indian double standard on the verdict of Samjhauta Express. Addressing media briefing at Foreign Office, FM Qureshi said that the main accused in the Samjhauta tragedy were acquitted and the world should take notice of this double standard. He also mentioned that India’s attempt also foiled to attach Pulwama attack with Pakistan. Turning to decision of National Investigation Agency Court of India in Samjhauta Express took everyone by surprise. The court acquitted four principle accused after 11 years. The decision is perplexing as Main accused Swami Aseemanand had himself confessed to be involved in this incident. Pakistan strongly protested on this development and gave a demarche to India. He said the world needs to take notice of duplicity of India. It is pertinent to mention here that the Indian special court on Wednesday acquitted all Hindu extremists involved in two blasts carried out in the Samjhauta Express.
Pakistan denounces Indian condemnation on NZ incident
The foreign minister Pakistan has denounced the Indian condemnation on New Zealand incident as it is ambiguous in nature It does not mention Muslims or mosque in the statement.
Pulwama: China played key role in defusing tension with India
The foreign minister said Pakistan and China have always enjoyed good relations and in post Pulwama incident China played a key role in defusing the situation. To a question, the minister said Pakistan has a very good working relationship with China on a host of issues. He said Pakistan is aware of what the international community wants and what our national interests are. He said the issue cannot be seen in isolation and needs to be seen at a larger canvas.
PM to attend important meeting in Beijing next Monday
Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said Prime Minister Imran Khan will attend an important meeting in Beijing next Monday. He said meeting will be attended by representatives of 36 countries and Pakistan will have a key role in it.
Malaysian PM to arrive in Islamabad today
He said Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad will arrive today and a large delegation of businessmen and other key senior officials is expected in entourage of Malaysian prime minister. The visit will further boost the existing exemplary relations between Pakistan and Malaysia.
FM lauds bravery of Martyred Naeem Rashid in NZ mosque attack
FM Qureshi said the tragic incident of attacks on mosques in New Zealand resulted in martyrdom of fifty people, including nine Pakistanis. He appreciated the courage and bravery of Naeem Rashid who tried to save fellow Muslims by laying down his life. The minister said New Zealand is a very peaceful country and it gave a very good gesture and response in this crisis. The steps taken by New Zealand Prime Minister have been appreciated by all to increase interfaith harmony in her country.
Emergency OIC meeting to discuss growing Islamophobia
Shah Mehmood Qureshi said Pakistan and Turkey have taken an initiative by convening an emergency meeting of OIC Executive Committee to discuss growing Islamo-phobia and to analyze the reasons for increasing hatred against Muslims in many European countries. FM said he will leave for Istanbul tonight to represent Pakistan in the meeting.