Monday, September 26, 2022

SC adjourns Panama implementation case until tomorrow

SC adjourns Panama implementation case until tomorrow

ISLAMABAD (92 News) – The special three-member bench of the Supreme Court adjourned the Panama implementation case until Friday.

Hearing the case, Justice Ijazul Hassan questioned that how the trust deed was verified if February 4 was Saturday. “Why were fake documents submitted to the Supreme Court?” he added.

Justice Azmat Saeed questioned that whether action can be taken over fake documents. The deputy attorney general replied that seven-year imprisonment could be awarded for this crime.

“Sheikh Hamaad was neither called nor did he come. Later, a letter was written inviting him to the Pakistani Embassy. The Qatari prince refused to come to the Embassy. Should we all go to Doha?,” Justice Azmat Saeed said.

Justice Ijazul Hassan said that the Qatari prince did not reply through video-link. “The Qatari prince did not admit the court jurisdiction. Who owns the London flats and from the money came? The sources of purchasing the flats could not be disclosed. We have been asking for the money trail for one year. But nothing is being told,” he remarked.

Justice Ijaz Afzal said that all burden will be on the public office holder if the flats did not prove to be ownership of the children.