Sunday, January 29, 2023

Sh Rasheed inaugurates KCR as operation resumed after two decade

Sh Rasheed inaugurates KCR as operation resumed after two decade

 Addressing the inauguration ceremony, Sheikh Rasheed said that all the credit to operationalize KCR goes to the government of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

He announced that the fare of KCR will be 30 rupees per route and in the first phase four trains will be operated daily from Pipri to city station Karachi. He further said that a traveling pass for KCR will be collected only 750 rupees.

The minister said that KCR will be extended to other parts of the city and work is in progress. He said that the amount of 1.8 billion rupees has been earmarked for KCR and so far 17 million rupees have been spent. He added that each coach of KCR has been ready at a cost of 0.9 million.

Minister for Railways said that the encroachment at Pakistan Railway land will be removed from land mafia.

In the first phase, the train will run from Karachi city station to Marshalling Yard Pipri railway station.

The first train will depart from the Orangi station at 7am on November 19 and will arrive at Pipri station at 8:30am, followed by subsequent departures at 10am, 1pm, and 4pm. A uniform fare of Rs50 per travel has also been fixed.

Earlier, the Pakistan Railways had announced that the Karachi Circular Railway's operations would resume from November 16.

The KCR has two locomotives and 11 coaches — each having the capacity to transport 100 passengers, 64 on seats and 36 standing — all the way from the Pipri station to the Orangi station.

According to a Pakistan Railways' statement, the distance between the Pipri and Orangi stations is nearly 60 kilometres.

“Four trains in [two directions] will commute the passengers between Pipri and Orangi stations with a uniform gap of three hours," the statement said.