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Shakirullah martyred in India laid to rest in Jaiser Wala

Shakirullah martyred in India laid to rest in Jaiser Wala
March 3, 2019
SIALKOT (92 News) – Martyred Shakirullah, who was stoned to death in Jaipur jail, was laid to rest at his native village Jaiser Wala in Sialkot. As per details, a large number of people attended the funeral ceremony of Shakirullah. Martyred innocent Shakirullah was allegedly stone to death by Indian inmates at Jaipur Central Jail. On Saturdday, the body of martyred Shakirullah, who was stoned to death in Jaipur jail, was handed over to Pakistan officials at Wagah Border. The family members off Shakirullah received the body. Meanwhile, Pakistan has reiterated its demand from India that the killers of Shakirullah be taken to task. In a statement, the Foreign Office spokesperson said findings of the inquiry and postmortem report may be shared urgently and to ensure safety of all Pakistanis, especially Pakistani prisoners in Indian jails, to prevent recurrence of such tragic and reprehensible incidents. After the killing of Pakistani prisoner by inmates in Jaipur Jail, the Pakistan government had condemned the incident and asked India to immediately provide the details of inquiry of the murder and postmortem report, which have not been provided so far. On Friday, Pakistan returned the captured pilot Abhinandan safe and sound. On the other hand, it is pity that India is returning the bodies to Pakistan. A few days back, prisoners in collusion with the jail administration had tortured Shakirullah to death in Jaipur Jail. Shakirullah’s family moved from pillar to post to get back the body. Pakistan has always respected the rights of Indian prisoners. Its glaring example is the return of Indian pilot Abhinandan. India should also respect the rights of Pakistani prisoners keeping in view human values. Earlier, a Pakistani prisoner, Shakirullah, was allegedly killed by Indian inmates lodged at the Jaipur Central Jail. Reportedly, three Indian ‘Hindu extremist’ allegedly killed the Pakistani inmate inside the Jaipur Central Jail. Shakiruallah was stone to death inside the Jaipur Central Jail. It was reported that the ‘Hindu extremis’ pelted stones at Pakistani prisoner till his death. However, the police officials also confirmed that a Pakistani man being held at the Jaipur Central Jail in Rajasthan was allegedly murdered by fellow inmates.