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Shops sealed as Karachi, Lahore witness gridlocks, long queues of shoppers

Shops sealed as Karachi, Lahore witness gridlocks, long queues of shoppers
May 14, 2020
KARACHI/LAHORE (92 News) – Gridlocks and long queues of shoppers were witnessed across the big cities of country including Karachi and Lahore as district administration sealed shops in Shah Alam Market and other in different markets. According to the details garnered, shoppers flocked the markets in congested areas, including Anarkali, Shah Alam, Azam Market Rang Mahal, Circular Road and other wholesale markets in Lahore. The administration sealed shops for not maintaining social distancing protocols enforced to contain spread of coronavirus. Long customers’ queues were also seen outside stores of items used by women and children as some responsible brands are observing social distancing SOPs enforced by the government. In several markets, administration and police officials were seen appealing to citizens to take precautions and observe social distancing. Several traders said the government should allow the retail sector to keep businesses open round the clock. It will help in reducing crowd in markets and help the authorities to better enforce precautionary measures. Meanwhile, in view of Youm-e-Ali, authorities sealed and closed entry and exit points of all markets of Walled City including Shah Alam market, Akbari Mandi and Circular Road. Businessmen have criticized abrupt sealing of the markets and said that administration should have informed him beforehand so that they could have made necessary arrangements.