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Shrine custodian brutally kills 20 in Sarghoda

Shrine custodian brutally kills 20 in Sarghoda
April 2, 2017

SARGHODA (92 News) – The custodian of a shrine in Sarghoda allegedly killed 20 people and injured for others early on Sunday. 


According to sources, custodian Abdul Waheed Gujjar along with his companions shed blood in the shrine using daggers and sticks for two days. Among the murdered were 16 men and four women.


The injured, including two men and two women were shifted to the hospital while the trustee, Abdul Waheed, was arrested along with his eight companions.


Sarghoda Deputy Commissioner Liaqat Ali Chatha said that the custodian first drugged the visitors, then stabbed, and clubbed them to death. 


Chatha said that the injured women who came to the hospital informed about the incident. Abdul Waheed used to lecture his followers in Muhammad Ali Ahmed Gujjar Shrine. The accused is an employee of election commission, he added.


Nineteen dead bodies were found from the shrine and one from the fields. The postmortem of 11 dead bodies brought to the hospital has been completed. Two of the dead bodies have been handed over to the heirs after autopsy.


According to police, marks of sticks and machetes have been found on the bodies of the dead.


The dead men have been identified as Jameel, Zahid, Khalid Jutt, Muhammad Babar, Nadeem, Javes, Muhammad Hussain, Ashfaq, Shahid, Saifur Rehman, Asif, Gulzar, Imran and Sajid while women as Rukhsana, Shazia and Nusrat Bibi.