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Stray kite string claims life of 40-year-old man in Lahore

Stray kite string claims life of 40-year-old man in Lahore
November 17, 2019
LAHORE (92 News) – Stray kite string claimed the life of a 40-year-old man in Mughalpura area of Lahore on Sunday. A 40-year-old Amir, belonging to Gujarpur, has lost his life due to loss of blood after kite string slit his throat. Victim Amir was going to Sadar Market from Mughalpura on motorcycle when stray kite string slit her throat. He was shifted to hospital in a critical condition where doctors pronounced her dead. Meanwhile, Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar took the notice of them matter and sought a report from the CPO Lahore. He also ordered to take action against the responsible for this carelessness of this action. On the other hand, the DIG operations suspended the Mughalpura SHO and order for inquiry into the matter. He said that the strict actions will be taken against the concerned SHOs where this type of kite incidents occurred. The DIG operations also visited many areas to check the violation of kite flying act. He directed to all SPs, DSPs and SHOs to take strict actions against the people who prepared kites as well as sell these materials. Following to the directions of the DIG, more than 80 persons were arrested during police crackdown against kite flyers in different parts of Lahore. The action was launched on the instructions of DIG operations. Police also recovered more than 2,000 kites and over 500 spools of kite string from the apprehended persons. Earlier, a young man died after a stray kite string slit his throat in Sandha area of Lahore. According to the details, the deceased was identified as24-year-old Usman Khalid. Usman Khalid was on his way on a bike when a kite string fell on him, slitting his throat. He died on the spot.
After the incident, the local police reached the spot and shifted the body to a nearby hospital for an autopsy.
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