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World saw Ishaq Dar telling a lie yesterday, says Imran Khan

World saw Ishaq Dar telling a lie yesterday, says Imran Khan
December 2, 2020

While addressing an oath taking ceremony of newly-elected cabinet, the prime minister said, "If you want to see stress, you should have seen Ishaq Dar’s face yesterday. Dar lied while everyone watched his interview on BBC News’ show ‘HARDtalk’.

He said that Allah's curse on Asif Zardari and Nawaz Sharif is an example for them.

PM Khan said that if Ishaq Dar did not have a heart problem, it would have happened yesterday. "I have known about Asif Zardari and Nawaz Sharif for 30 years. The rallies are being held to save their stolen money and money from bribery destroys man," he mentioned.

On the other hand, Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari shared a video clip from the interview, where the host of the programme can be seen cross-questioning the former lawmaker about his properties and assets. Taking a dig at the former finance minister, she wrote in the caption: "Oops - when you get caught out!".

While addressing ceremony, the prime minister expressed hope that new government of Gilgit-Baltistan will establish fresh standards of governance in the province by adopting effective strategies. He also pledged to immediately form committee to make Gilgit-Baltistan a separate province. "The team will follow timeline and present report as early as possible," he told.

Unveiling his plan for development and welfare of the people of GB, Imran Khan said the present government’s Ehsaas Programme, which is the largest poverty alleviation program of Pakistan history, will be introduced in GB as well.

He said all the people of GB will be provided health insurance with the issuance of Sehat Insaaf Cards under which they can get free medical facility at any hospital up to one million rupees. He said the under-construction 250-bed hospital in Gilgit will be completed.

The PM expressed commitment to turn Gilgit Baltistan into a hub of tourism. He said easy loans will be provided to people to help them construct rooms at their residences for tourists.

He said 300 MW hydro electricity will be generated, which will be more than sufficient for the region. He said two hydro electricity power stations are being constructed; two others are in the pipeline while two more have been approved. Besides, he said, micro hydro power stations will also be set up.

The prime minister said Special Economic Zone will also be constructed in GB where industries will relocate.

Elaborating the PTI’s vision, Imran Khan said he is focused to uplift the living standard of the downtrodden segment of the society. He said development of the backward areas, including GB, merged districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Balochistan is a priority of his government.