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Suspect who abused 10-year-old Mansehra boy arrested

Suspect who abused 10-year-old Mansehra boy arrested
December 30, 2019
MANSEHRA (92 News) – Police claimed to have arrested the main suspect who had sexually assaulted a 10-year-old boy in Mansehra a few days ago. According to the reports, the police were searching for the prime suspect of rape Qari Shamsuddin from three days. It was also reported that the child was hospitalised after being subjected to rape and torture by his seminary teacher, named as Shamsuddin, in the vicinity of Phulra. Shamsuddin will be produced before court today for physical remand. The initial medical report states that evidence has been found that the minor was raped and beaten. A medical examination found the boy's knees were bruised and his eyes were swollen, pointing to the fact that he was beaten during the rape. Reportedly, Shamsuddin raped the child every other day. The boy was subjected to torture, according to the report. Four relatives of the accused, including his brother, have been arrested for questioning. “The arrested suspects are relatives of the victim child,” the police said, adding that Shamsuddin’s brother is among them. Earlier, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Chief Minister Mahmood Khan took notice of the child’s plight at the hands of religious scholars. Mansehra deputy inspector general (DIG) relayed the seminary being operated by the “paedophile cleric” has been sealed while he currently remains on the run. “The child has undergone tremendous physical and mental torture and his health remains serious at this point in time,” he said. The madrassah, which was unregistered and being privately run, housed 120 students