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Tanita Tikaram performs new material

Tanita Tikaram performs new material
April 29, 2016
LONDON - After several years on the road, singer songwriter Tanita Tikaram is back with new album "Closer To The People" and a light-hearted single she hopes will get people dancing. Tikaram made her name in the late 1980s when as a teenager, her debut album "Ancient Heart" sold around 4 million copies worldwide. Known for her husky voice, the 46-year old told Reuters her latest track "The Way You Move" is a lighthearted track, celebrating the way people move. "It's a song about really loving the way that people move, however they move and however they dance. It's a really innocent song and I'm really glad I wrote it, because I'm probably not usually associated with songs like that," she said. The music video features a couple of lead professional dancers but the rest of the cast are either friends or people that she and music video director Natasha Horn spotted on the tube in London and asked to be involved. Tikaram, who was born in Germany and moved to Basingstoke, England with her family in her early teens, was 18 when she found herself propelled to stardom. "Closer To The People" was released in March. -Reuters
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