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Prime Minister Imran Khan calls for an end to atrocities against Muslim world

Prime Minister Imran Khan calls for an end to atrocities against Muslim world
June 1, 2019
MAKKAH (92 News) - Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that terrorism will have to be separated from Islam. Addressing the 14th OIC Summit in Makkah on Saturday morning, he said that the Muslim world must use the platform of Organization of Islamic Cooperation to delink terrorism with Islam. “The Muslim world should tell the Europe that how much they are grieved over the desecration issue.” He also called for an end to atrocities against the Muslim world. Terming the phenomena of blasphemy and Islamophobia in the West as failure of the OIC, he said the Organization's inability has also led to delegitimizing the Muslim political freedom struggles which were termed as 'Islamic radicalism'. Imran Khan said the people of Indian Occupied Kashmir had been carrying out their political struggle for freedom but after 9/11, it was also dubbed as 'Islamic radicalism and terrorism'. “No one linked the attacks carried out by Tamil Tigers to the Hindu religion. The West should remove the label of terrorism from Islam,” he categorically demanded. He said the people of Indian occupied Kashmir have not been given their right to self-determination as had been guaranteed by the UN Security Council’s resolutions. The prime minister reiterated that there is no solution to the Palestine issue except the two-state solution with Baitul Muqadas as the capital of the Palestinian state. “The UN resolution regarding the Golan Heights should be implemented,” he said. Earlier, Saudi King Salman welcomed Prime Minister Imran Khan when he reached to attend the OIC Conference. MAKKAH DECLARATION RENEWS SUPPORT TO PALESTINIAN CAUSE The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation has renewed its commitment to the Palestinian cause, saying that it opposes all illegal Israeli measures aimed at changing facts in occupied Palestinian territories including Jerusalem, and undermining the two-state solution. The OIC Summit in Makkah in its final statement in Makkah condemned any position adopted by an international body that supports prolonging occupation of Palestinian territories, including a US decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. It urged member countries to take appropriate measures against countries that move their embassies to Jerusalem. The OIC also refused to accept any proposal for peaceful settlement that did not accord with Palestinians’ legitimate inalienable rights. The summit also condemned the inhumane situation of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar and asked it to halt the violence. It urged the United Sates to remove Sudan from its list of state sponsors of terrorism. The OIC emphasized that the subversive terrorist acts in the Gulf region pose a serious threat to security of navigation and world energy supplies.