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Terrorists left black car before Lahore Johar Town blast

Terrorists left black car before Lahore Johar Town blast
June 23, 2021

LAHORE (92 News) - More CCTV footage of the Lahore Johar town blast surfaced as the terrorists left black car before explosion.

According to investigators, the vehicle was loaded with 15 to 20kg of explosives. The car used in the blast was stolen some time ago. The owner belongs to Mandi Bahauddin. The engine number of the car is 1NZ1094060

Footage shows dust, smoke and debris spread in a residential area. Boundary walls of nearby houses had collapsed and window panes shattered.

Speaking to journalists at the site of the blast, Punjab Inspector General of Police (IGP) Inam Ghani confirmed that it was a bomb blast. “A bomb planted in a car went off. The vehicle cannot reach its target due to police barriers. The police were the target of the bomb blast,” he said

The IGP said ball-bearings driven by the blast hit the injured, adding the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) had previously traced such cases and will also investigate this incident thoroughly.

He also the CTD is probing the incident and a detailed report will be shared about the nature of the blast and material used in it. "We are not sure what caused the explosion or whether it was a planted devise or a suicide blast."

He said that the police was the target of the attack and advised the people to not listen to rumours.

Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar took notice of the blast and summoned reported from IG Police and ordered strict action against people found responsible for the explosion. He also directed to speed up the rescue operation and provide best medical facilities to the injured.

Minister for Interior Sheikh Rasheed also took notice and directed the Punjab chief secretary and IG to submit a report. The minister prayed for the speedy recovery of the injured.

On the other hand, there people were killed while 24 others injured in a blast near Board of Revenue Society, Johar Town, Lahore. Three vehicles were damaged in the blast that was heard at distant places. Glasses of nearby buildings also broke due to the blast.

Rescue and police teams reached the spot and started the rescue operation. The nature of the blast is being determined.

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