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TikTok star Khurram Gujjar comes forward to help flood affectees

TikTok star Khurram Gujjar comes forward to help flood affectees
August 19, 2022 Web Desk

(Web Desk)- As the country grapples with flood situation, Pakistan’s famous TikTok star and Chairman Gujjar Youth Forum Khurram Gujjar has come forward to help the flood affectees and work especialy for the rehablitation of women.

We are in the midst of a national crisis which is a consequence of a global crisis. This year’s monsoon rains have been unusually incessant, resulting in flash floods all over Pakistan. Organisations, governmental and non-governmental, are doing their best to maximise outreach and help as much as possible. Given the urgency of the situation, our tiktok stars have started verbalising the need to act, urging their followers to do their part.

With the flood death toll hitting around 1400 and still on the rise, the government of Pakistan has declared the monsoon rain-induced floods a “climate-inducted humanitarian crisis of epic proportions”. Leaving 30 million people shelter-less, the floods have caused tremendous damage.

While the TikTok stars are using their influence for good and encouraging netizens to donate, Pakistan’s well-known TikTok star and welfare activist Khurram Gujjar has been leading the relief efforts for the flood-affected people.

Khurram Gujjar is famous for his luxorious living style is a pure soul who always yearns to help the needy in their hour of needs. He has also been supporting studies of dozens of boys and children and due to his support many young boys have passed CSS exams.

Recently, in his effort to provide relief to people affected by the massive floodings across the country, the chairman Gujjar Youth Forum has donated generously. He has sent clothes, dry fruits, milk and other items for the flood victims. Gujjar himself distributed clothes among women.