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Tokyo Olympics chief attended meeting with official who now has coronavirus

Tokyo Olympics chief attended meeting with official who now has coronavirus
March 19, 2020
TOKYO (Reuters) - Tokyo 2020 Olympics chief Yoshiro Mori attended a meeting on March 10 that included the deputy head of the Japanese Olympic Committee (JOC) who tested positive for the new coronavirus this week, officials said.
Mori, 82, has not been tested because he has no symptoms of the virus and does not meet testing requirements, an official from Mori’s office said. Mori and JOC deputy head Kozo Tashima attended a board meeting regarding the Rugby World Cup. Tashima tested positive for the virus on Tuesday. At the meeting, about 60 people were in a room and Mori was seated about 10 metres away from Tashima on the opposite side of the table, according to Jun Kusumoto, a spokesman for the Rugby World Cup organising committee. “He goes to hospital three times a week for dialysis, so if he develops fever or has other symptoms, a doctor will be able to test for it,” the official from Mori’s office said. Doubts are mounting that the Olympics can proceed as planned given disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic but Tokyo Games and Japanese government officials have said the event will go ahead as scheduled and will not be held behind closed doors. Hiroshi Iijima, deputy governor of Saitama prefecture, who also attended the meeting decided to self-quarantine and will not return to work until March 23, Ryoji Hiraiwa, a prefectural official said. Iijima does not have any coronavirus-related symptoms, the official added. Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga told reporters Prime Minister Shinzo Abe met Mori on March 16, without providing details. He did not directly address a question about whether Abe will test for the virus. “Health centres are taking the necessary measures once people test positive for the coronavirus, including identifying who has been in contact with them,” Suga said.