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Tom Cruise says the new Mission Impossible film is mixed with action and a good story

Tom Cruise says the new Mission Impossible film is mixed with action and a good story
July 28, 2015
NEW YORK - He's swung around skyscrapers and leapt off buildings, and now Tom Cruise is back in the blockbuster action-movie franchise "Mission: Impossible". And in the latest installment, he adds a new feat - clinging to the side of a plane as it takes off. During the red carpet premiere in New York's Times Square on Monday (July 27), Cruise said the plot of the film is just as important as the stunts. "Both are equally and the characters. You know, we're always pushing that every step of the way. It's the hallmark of a 'Mission' movie, obviously is locations and we kind of - we work back and forth from there on the story and the structure and the characters. But story is always king, always king," said Cruise. The 53-year old Hollywood star returns as Ethan Hunt in "Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation", his fifth stint as the secret agent, serving up the usual action-packed and nail-biting scenes. It has been nearly 20 years since the first "Mission: Impossible" film came out, and Cruise said he makes all his films with his inner child in mind. "That little boy is still there inside of me, that's what's makes these movies and kind of all my movies. He would have loved it," said Cruise. In the movie, the Impossible Mission Force has been disbanded and Hunt and his team face off with the sinister Syndicate organization. The film is partly set in Vienna, Morocco and London. Executive producer J.J. Abrams said there is no special formula to a hit action movie but outlined why the Mission franchise works. "If you have characters that you love. If you have situations that make you laugh and then you have incredible action and great thrills. And the good news was with this cast, not just Tom who everyone knows does his own stuff, but Rebecca Ferguson who is unbelievable and did a ton of her own stuff. You know, you got a great group who is working there ass off and sort of putting themselves on the line to entertain you," said Abrams. Joining the franchise for the first time is Swedish actress Rebecca Ferguson, who earned high praise from both returning co-star Jeremy Renner and director Christopher McQuarrie who counts her as a main attraction. "Rebecca Ferguson, that's the simplest reason. She's owns the movie. I'm really excited for people to come and see it," said McQuarrie. Ferguson was modest when asked about her performance, which didn't result in any injuries, but plenty of bumps. "Basically I'd come home and I'd look at my bruises and I'd think the more bruises the better. But then I bruise like a peach." Actor Simon Pegg said this time around his character is filled with more confidence. "The first time we saw Benji he was sort of like in the lab just with a, you know, working on computers. And then he became an agent, he was out there for the first time in the field. And then suddenly in this film he's a bit more accomplished," Pegg said. Alec Baldwin attended the premiere with his wife Hilaria and treated the evening as a date night. "We're leaving here to go with our friends to dinner. We saw the movie Friday so we're not going to go to the screening," said Baldwin. "But you know what I like to do? I like to take the movie on DVD like months from now and watch it again when you're away from all the hype. Because you're very excited because you want the movie to do well. And I actually, when I make films, not all of them by the way, you watch it again later and see what it was really like," he added. "Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation" is scheduled for release in U.S. cinemas on July 31. -Reuters
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