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Toxic smog again returns in Lahore

Toxic smog again returns in Lahore
October 30, 2018
LAHORE (92 News) – Toxic smog has once again returned in Lahore, affecting visibility which is forcing to the residents of Lahore to stay at home. As per reports, Smog engulfed Lahore and is expected to stay for a few more days. It has created many difficulties for the citizens and is also affecting breathing and visibility. According to the Pakistan Meteorological Department PMD, the PM levels in the city are increased at 120 particulate meters. However, the smog is man-made, a mixture of smoke & fog, created by nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and other aerosols. It is highly toxic and can be extremely harmful to the lungs, eyes and the nose. It is a type of air pollution caused by smoke and fog. The air in Lahore has been polluted with reported 250 microorganisms per cubic metre against the standardised 150 ug/m3. The smog won’t last long as rain is expected to dispel it. According to the Met department, rain is expected on November 1, Thursday. In the previous year, Lahore was covered in smog for a long duration causing breathing problems, traffic accidents and affecting humans, animals and plants.