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Treasury benches only responded in abuses when asked about inflation: Bilawal

Treasury benches only responded in abuses when asked about inflation: Bilawal
February 12, 2020
ISLAMABAD (92 News) – PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto on Wednesday said that the treasury benches only responded in abuses when they will be asked about inflation. Speaking to the journalists outside the parliament, the PPP chairman said that the country has never before seen such a rapid increase in inflation. “Our constituents question us over the rising prices. People are committing suicides,” he added. He also stressed on a lawmaker’s right to question but the treasury benches only responded in abuses.
Bilawal asks govt to renegotiate the deal
“Every Pakistani demanded that the PTI should tear its current agreement with the IMF and renegotiate its term with the international money lender,” the PP chairman mentioned. He also criticised PTI government’s negotiating skills with lending bodies and lamenting that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) agreement was not presented before the Parliament. Rejecting the IMF bailout, Bilawal asked the government to renegotiate the deal. He critiqued government’s move to present a mini-budget. “The masses are looking for relief,” he added. Bilawal said the PPP government had negotiated a deal on its own terms with the IMF during their tenure. “We did not compromise on the common man’s financial rights.” “I term PM Imran Khan as ‘Chota Admi’ [little man] because he also pronounced Narendra Modi as ‘Chota Admi’,” Bilawal clarifies his yesterday’s statement. Bilawal terms PM as ‘Chota Admi’ [little man] A day earlier, criticizing the Prime minister, Bilawal Bhutto termed PM as ‘Chota Admi’ [little man]. After stating this word, the treasury benches recorded strong protest and sloganeering against the PPP chairman. Following to this, NA Speaker Asad Qaiser directed Bilawal Bhutto to avoid using these statements and should respect the seat of the prime minister. Bilawal replied, “You are the speaker of NA, don’t defend the premier. Postal minister will explain the dignity of the prime minister. The group of Sindh’s orphan is ally party of the government.” PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto has said that they don’t want Prime Minister Imran Khan commit suicide but he should go home after accepting his mistake.