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UK Special Representative on Afghanistan & Pakistan calls on Nasser Janjua

UK Special Representative on Afghanistan & Pakistan calls on Nasser Janjua
October 17, 2017
ISLAMABAD (92 News) – British Special Representative on Afghanistan and Pakistan Owen Jenkin accompanied by his High Commissioner Thomas Drew, met National Security Adviser Lt Gen (retd) Nasser Khan Janjua this morning. Besides security and stability of the region, the recent developments in Pak-Afghan relations also came under discussion. The envoy briefed the NSA about the situation in Afghanistan. He specially highlighted about the positivity and optimism prevailing in Afghanistan since the visit of COAS of Pakistan there. Owen Jenkin acknowledged and appreciated the efforts and sacrifices Pakistan had rendered for the improvement of security situation of the region. He urged for both sides to build on the prevailing positive outlook to further consolidate peace in Afghanistan and ultimately in the whole region. NSA expressed satisfaction over the recent positive developments between Pakistan and Afghanistan and conveyed that Pakistan recognizes the prevailing optimism very positively and more so as an opportunity to work together. “COAS' visit to Afghanistan and the reciprocal warmth shown by the Afghanistan has opened a new door to re establish our cooperative framework to proceed further.” He deeply appreciated and acknowledged President Ashraf Ghani for presenting a cordial and cooperative outlook of his country. “All we need is the positivity and confidence of Afghan and the US governments. We should not be hurt anymore by blame game. It is not by way of coercion but surely by way of a greater understanding that Pakistan wants to extend full cooperation to help seek peace and stability in Afghanistan. We understand that we have a common future with Afghanistan,” he added. Talking to the envoy, NSA reiterated that Pakistan and Afghanistan needed to resume and strengthen political, diplomatic, military and intelligence cooperative framework at all levels. Owen Jenkin said that UK is keen to play a constructive role for the stability of the region and it is time to consolidate on this positive environment. Responding to this, NSA said that Pakistan fully believed in peaceful coexistence with all the neighboring countries and had always supported every initiatives taken to achieve sustainable peace in Afghanistan. Pakistan is also keen to resolve all disputes with India to take this region on the path of prosperity and development. He also emphasized that instead of winning war by way of vengeance, there is a need to end the miseries of Afghanistan and its people. "We all should work together to seek the closure of the conflict in Afghanistan by political means," he added. Both sides agreed to work together for the shared objective of peace in the region.