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US lawmakers condemn violence against Muslims in India

US lawmakers condemn violence against Muslims in India
February 26, 2020
WASHINGTON (Web Desk) – The US lawmakers have condemned violence against Muslims in the Indian capital city of New Delhi. Responding to anti-Muslims clashes which claimed at least 20 lives, US Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal said the deadly surge in religious intolerance in India is horrifying. Congressman Alan Lowenthal said we must speak out in the face of threats to human rights in India. Democratic Presidential Candidate and Senator Elizabeth Warren said violence against peaceful protesters is never acceptable. Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib tweeted that we cannot be silent on the communal violence targeting Muslims in Delhi. In a tweet, US Commission for International Religious Freedom said it is alarmed by reports of deadly mob violence targeting Muslims in New Delhi. It urged Modi government to rein in the mob and protect religious minorities.
Anti-Muslim clashes: 20 killed, 200 injured in attack of RSS goons in Delhi
On the other hand, the death toll rose to 20 on Wednesday, with at least 200 injured, during anti-Muslim clash and attack of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) goons in New Delhi. The move came as 20 people were killed and hundreds injured in a day of anti-Muslim violence by Hindu supremacist mobs in New Delhi over protests on a controversial citizenship law that has been deemed discriminatory toward Muslims. The government of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi imposed restrictions on media. The RSS goons and Hindu extremists are attacking journalists and mosques, buildings and vehicles in Indian capital set ablaze. While the US President Donald Trump was on a two-day visit to hold talks with Modi, pictures and videos from the affected areas showed horrific scenes forcing the authorities to issue directives to the media. The Indian government has instructed news channels that they must be cautious about airing content that incited violence and promoted anti-national attitudes, reported Hindustan Times.