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US museum bans selfie sticks

US museum bans selfie sticks
March 4, 2015
WASHINGTON DC (Reuters) - Millions of museum visitors in the US capital will no longer be able to take pictures of themselves in front of a T-rex dinosaur using a camera mounted on a rod. The Smithsonian Institution on Tuesday banned the use of so-called "selfie sticks" in its complex of museums, the world's biggest, citing the need to protect visitors and museum objects, especially in crowded conditions. "We encourage museum visitors to take selfies and share their experiences - and leave the selfie sticks in their bags," the Smithsonian said in a statement. The institution - which groups 19 museums and galleries, the National Zoological Park and nine research centres - already prohibits tripods, monopods and large backpacks in its complex.  
تازہ ترین خبریں حاصل کرنے کے لیے فوری اطلاع کی اجازت دیں

آپ کسی بھی وقت دائیں طرف نیچے بیل آئیکن پر صرف ایک کلک کے ذریعے آسانی سے سبسکرائب کر سکتے ہیں۔