Tuesday, December 7, 2021
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US says no government should come at gunpoint in Afghanistan

US says no government should come at gunpoint in Afghanistan
July 8, 2021

WASHINGTON (92 News) - State Department spokesperson Ned Price has said that peace and security have improved in Afghanistan and no government should come at gunpoint.

Addressing press briefing, he said that Afghanistan's neighbors should use their influence in a positive and constructive manner. He also said that Pakistan is an important partner in the Afghan peace process. "We have many common interests with Pakistan," he added.

The US State Dept spokesperson also praised Pakistan’s helpful role in its efforts to bring about peace and security in Afghanistan. "Pakistan was their important partner across many fronts," he added.

He said while replying a question about PM Imran Khan’s criticism of Washington at a press briefing Wednesday.

It is pertinent to mention here that PM Khan recently criticized the US for its past policies in Afghanistan that led to Islamabad joining the US war on terror. His government won’t allow CIA to operate in Pakistan, the premier said.

In May, the Afghan Taliban warned their neighbours not to allow the use their territory or air space for any military operations against the war-torn country in the future.

The warning came as Washington moved to relocate some US troops in the region for counterterrorism missions after the US withdrawal.

But Price said the US and Pakistan have shared interests when it comes to peace and stability in Afghanistan. He, however, said their shared interests go well beyond that, mentioning “broader counterterrorism interests” and “people-to-people ties”.

The US expects all of Afghanistan’s neighbours to play a constructive role in helping reach a just and durable political settlement as well as a comprehensive ceasefire, according to Price.

“For far too long, some of Afghanistan’s neighbours have not played that role,” he said. “They had been happy to let other countries take responsibility.”

The State Department spokesperson called the role of Afghanistan’s neighbours “a necessary ingredient” to achieve peace in the country. The US will work closely to ensure that role is played, he added.