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US used war to grow al Qaeda: Karzai

US used war to grow al Qaeda: Karzai
April 9, 2018
KABUL (92 News) – Former Afghan president Hamid Karzai has said the US has deceived the Afghans and used the war to grow al Qaeda. In his interview the former Afghan president said that Moscow has always helped Afghans, even when its forces invaded Afghanistan at the invitation of then-president Babrak Karmal. We surely fought each other at those times, but Russia used to build schools and hospitals in Afghanistan. Americans lie when they say that al Qaeda emerged as the result of Russian invasion, he said they used the war to grow al Qaeda. “They (US) wanted to be the only superpower and they did it, the USSR collapsed and one of the reasons was the Afghan war," Karzai said. Karzai said that the Americans deceived everyone again at that time. "What kind of war with terrorism is it? The Taliban has more and more weapons…and we can't handle them without Russia's help." The former president noted that when the US had declared war against the Taliban, he had told Russian President Vladimir Putin that "something wrong began to emerge." Afghanistan has long suffered from political, social and security-related instability because of simmering insurgencies, including by the Taliban and Daesh. The US and the Kabul government have been fighting a war with the Taliban since 2001. Before that, the country faced nearly two decades of civil war, remaining divided into several warlord-controlled regions throughout much of the 1990s.