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Waiting for judicial action from Shehbaz Sharif: David Rose

Waiting for judicial action from Shehbaz Sharif: David Rose
August 18, 2019
LONDON (92 News) – David Rose – a British investigative journalist who wrote the article claiming Sharif family of laundering quake victims’ aid money and embezzling tens of millions of pounds of public money to Britain – has said that he is waiting for judicial actions from PML-N President Shehbaz Sharif. David Rose  UK journalist  shehbaz sharif In his tweet, the UK journalists said, “If Shahbaz Sharif really wanted to sue me and the Mail, he would have to get his wife and children to explain to the court why they accepted huge foreign cash "investments" from people who were actually penniless hawkers, pappadom sellers, etc.” “Maybe they will. We shall see,” David Rose tweeted. Earlier, another tweet, the Daily Mail investigative reporter said, "Hello Pakistani journalists: the reason the Mail has not yet replied to Shahbaz Sharif's lawyers is that I have only just returned from leave. We will shortly. And I assure you, my article was NOT fabricated, and we are not about to admit that it was." On July 15, David Rose affirmed that he stood behind his story published in Daily Mail. In an exclusively interview with 92 News program “Hard Talk”, the UK newspaper journalist challenged Shehbaz Sharif to file law suit in the British court. He also claimed that he has all evidences against Shehbaz Sharif. David Rose said that he already wrote a report against former prime minister Nawaz Sharif but no one approach to the court against his story. He also rejected the claims of PML-N about the story and said that he had contact of PML-N spokesperson Marriyum Aurangzeb many times but she didn’t respond. “I tried many times to get the narrative of PML-N and did phone calls, messages to Marriyum Aurangzeb, but she refused to comment over it,” he said. The British investigative journalist had said that the Department for International Development (DFID) “rebuttal” of his story about Shahbaz Sharif is nothing of the kind. He took his twitter after United Kingdom’s DFID discredited an article published by “Daily Mail” and said, “The DIFD’s rebuttal merely repeats their statement quoted in the article, and claims the piece contains no evidence about the earthquake fund. Read it. It does. Poor show. More wasted cash!”