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Water harvester goes on display in Hague

Water harvester goes on display in Hague
April 23, 2016
HAGUE – Art meets science in this sculpture on display in the Hague. The water flowing down the cedarwood structure is condensed from the air around it. And it's entirely powered by energy from the sun. All thanks to the unwanted moisture collected in the reservoir of a domestic dehumidifer. Artist and inventor, AP Verheggen, says: "Right now we present the sculpture with technology that's off the shelves, we bought it in the store, you can buy it everywhere, and I want to show with this project that we can really do it." Solar panels power the system, while the 2.5m modular sculpture houses the fountain piping. The Dutch team behind the SunGlacier DC10 originally wanted to create a glacier in the desert to highlight the growing challenge of climate change. They spent six years testing water extraction properties and solar technology. Jan Alkemade, Project Advisor, says: "We thought the only way through is to do it ourselves without anybody's help, use equipment that's available on the shelves, make it as simple as possible when it's already very complex to make it work." The amount of water produced by the fountain depends on how much water is in the air around it. Now the team hope their work will become the basis of sustainable water harvesting. AP Verheggen, says: "We hope to inspire other people that they pick up the idea and that they start to make waterrmakers on solar by themselves, this is the first step." The wooden sculpture, based on the shape and movement of drops of water, was unveiled on Earth Day. –Reuters
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