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We clashed with each dictator, puppet is nothing for us: Bilawal Bhutto

We clashed with each dictator, puppet is nothing for us: Bilawal Bhutto
March 4, 2022 Web Desk

MULTAN (92 News) - PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto has said that they clashed with each dictator and the 'puppet' is nothing for them.

Addressing the participants of the long march on Friday, he asked the prime minister to resign in four days and otherwise they will hold him accountable after reaching Islamabad. "Shrieks are being heard from Bani Gala. The puppet bowed only two-day struggle of Jiyalas," he maintained.

The PPP chairman said that Imran Khan thinks that he will be able to frighten the people through the NAB and the PECA Ordinance. "The Jiyalas and the brave people of Pakistan will not be frightened rather this puppet is a coward who is terrified and his legs are trembling."

He said that the puppet used to call everyone a thief, but proved himself to be the biggest thief of sugar, flour, gas, petrol, water, fertiliser etc. "The PPP government helped the farmers with support price increase and within one year the country became exporters of sugar, rice and wheat. Selected Imran economically murdered the farmers," he added.

About the unfortunate incident in which a camera drone of a media outlet hit Aseefa Bhutto Zardari, the PPP chairman said that Aseefa is a brave daughter of a brave mother and she has a cut. "The ambulance staff said that stitches are required but she said that a bandage would be enough. She will continue to participate in the long march," he concluded.

The people accorded a warm welcome to the long march at each station.