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Who is responsible for MAO College lecturer’s suicide over false harassment allegations?

Who is responsible for MAO College lecturer’s suicide over false harassment allegations?
October 19, 2019
LAHORE (92 News) – A lecturer of MAO College committed suicide over the false allegations of harassment leveled against him by a student of the same college. Afzal Mahmood, a lecturer in English, committed suicide on October 9, leaving a note narrating his helplessness. Despite the allegations were proved wrong, the college administration did not issue him a confirmation certificate. In a letter to Prof Aalia Rehman, the inquiry officer, he said that his domestic life was badly affected by the allegations. “My wife has also declared me a man of bad character. I will be considered a bad man unless I am acquitted of the charges in writing,” he said. Afzal Mahmood asked the inquiry officer to hand over his character certificate and salary to his mother if he dies during this period. Two days before committing suicide, Afzal Mahmood had given Rs100 to his student to fetch perfume him. He had committed suicide when the student brought perfume for him. Later, his perfume was handed over to the deceased’s brother. When contacted, Principal Farhan Ebadat Yar Khan said that the inquiry into the matter was completed. “We are grieved over his death. Our brother has gone. The suicide has left a question mark on the non-professional attitude of the college administration which resulted in the death of the innocent lecturer. Social circles are of the view that there should be a mechanism to punish the person levelling false allegations of harassment.
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