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Won’t be afraid from criticism nor compromise on goals, says PM

Won’t be afraid from criticism nor compromise on goals, says PM
January 23, 2020
DAVOS (92 News) – Expressing his intentions, Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan has said that he won’t be afraid from criticism nor compromise on his goals on Thursday. Addressing the prominent business personalities at Pakistan Breakfast Meet in Davos, the prime minister termed that time has taught him how to deal with the difficult situations. “Many people get disappointment when they compete with any difficult time but the human being should always be hopeful of good times,” he added.
Huge interest rates on debt
Referring to the current economic struggles of Pakistan and government initiatives to better the overall situation, the premier said that huge interest rates on debt and non-functional state institutions means Pakistan has to go through difficult times. Referring to the challenges faced by the country including corruption, high debt and degeneration of institutions, the Prime Minister said despite these challenges, his first year in power has remained remarkable.
Reform is painful process
“Reform is a painful process. Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die,” he added. He elaborated that the process of reforms has been started, stating, “The reforms process is painful and takes time to bring change but we will stick to it which requires courage, political will and withstand criticism.” “Neither will step back due to the harsh criticism nor compromise on my goals. The boats have to burn for achieving big targets,” PM Khan maintained.
Parallels between Pakistan, Malaysia
Imran Khan also drew parallels between Pakistan and Malaysia and said both the countries are trying to emerge from years of corrupt governance. Imran is close to Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad and has on various occasions praised him. “Mahathir says be patient. I say ghabrana nahin hai,” he said.
Trip to Davos cheapest by any Pakistan premier in history
The prime minister said that his trip to Davos was the cheapest by any Pakistani premier in the history. He thanked Ikram Saigal for being a partial sponsor of his trip as he did not want to burden the national exchequer.
Pakistan on right economic track
PM Khan said that Pakistan has been put on the right economic track and expressed the confidence that good times are ahead for the country. He said his vision is to turn Pakistan into a welfare state and ensure inclusive development as envisioned by the founding fathers.
Spending money to revive industries
The prime minister said incumbent government is spending money to revive industries by encouraging and giving them incentives. “We want to promote industrialization as it will create wealth which will help spend money on the poor segments of the society,” he added.
Current account deficit reduced by 75%
“We have reduced the current account deficit by 75 per cent which is a great achievement. This success is now reflected in rupee stabilization, rising stock market and foreign investment,” the premier said.