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World stance on Kashmir changed due to Pakistan’s efforts: AJK president

World stance on Kashmir changed due to Pakistan’s efforts: AJK president
September 5, 2019
ISLAMABAD (92 News) – Azad Jammu and Kashmir President Sardar Masood Khan has said that the world stance on Kashmir changed due to efforts of Pakistan. Addressing a ceremony on Thursday, he said that Pakistan will have to repeatedly knock at the door of the United Nations. “Occupied Kashmir has become the biggest jail of the world. According to India’s August 5 decision, Hindus will be able to live across India. India wants to mete Kashmiris out the same treatment as Israel is doing with Palestinians,” he maintained. The AJK president said that Pakistanis had expressed solidarity with the Kashmiris from Khanjrab to Karachi. “Pakistan should increase diplomatic pressure on India,” he said. Earlier addressing a conference in Islamabad on Wednesday, he said that amidst latest round of Indian repression, mass influx of civilian population and refugees from occupied Kashmir cannot be ruled out. He underlined the need to get prepared to tackle any situation. Sardar Masood Khan said that Indian rulers are implementing a well thought out strategy under which they have declared their own Muslim citizens, Pakistan and the Kashmiri people as their enemies, and have started actions against them. He said that India intends to become a big economic and military power but it considers Pakistan a hurdle in the way of its designs, and as such it wants to destabilize Pakistan at all costs. Touching upon the action of August 5, the AJK president said that this is a systematic attack by India against Pakistan and the Kashmiri people, which is designed to end the Kashmir issue by force, and to silence the voice of Kashmiri people once and for all. However, this action has proved counterproductive, and it had not only united the Kashmiris but also awakened the international community to a great extent.