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World's first thermal imaging phone camera

World's first thermal imaging phone camera
February 25, 2016
NEW YORK – It's billed as the world's first thermal imaging phone. Until now users wanting to access thermal imaging on their smartphone required an accessory to clip onto it. Developed by UK firm Bullitt, it's branded by construction equipment maker Caterpillar. Pete Cunningham, senior project manager, says: "You can capture the temperature of a point. We can do that at multiple points as well, so we can capture multiple points on the screen at the same time. The temperature range at the side of the screen gives you the minimum and maximum temperature in that scene at the time." The Cat S60 has a fully integrated sensor developed in a microcamera by tech firm FLIR. The phone is primarily aimed at tradespeople. Ben Wood, Chief of Research, CCS Insight, says: "They want builders and electricians and mechanics and they can use that device and you can do simple diagnostics with it, so you can hold it up to a wall, you can see if a pipe's leaking, you can hold it up looking at an engine and you can see where gas is leaking. You can look at a wall and see where the cavities are." Pete Cunningham says: "If I want to buy a new house then I can go around and I can check to see whether there is damp patches around or whether the current owners have painted over and tried to hide any issues with leaks or damp patches, so that's another great example." Its makers say the phone could also be used by dog owners to locate their pet during night walks or fussy consumers wanting to find the freshest loaf at the baker's. The Cat S60 goes on sale in June for 599 dollars. –Reuters