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Zakir Naik says 'didn't inspire Dhaka attack' as Indian agencies launch probe

Zakir Naik says 'didn't inspire Dhaka attack' as Indian agencies launch probe
July 8, 2016
NEW DELHI (92 News) – Indian media has on Thursday claimed that the Dr Naik’s speeches inspired terrorists involved in an attack on a cafe in Dhaka to open fire on Friday night which left 20 dead. Bangladesh has said that Dr Naik, whose sermons on television and online draw large audiences across the world, inspired two of the seven young terrorists that opened fire on Friday night in a Dhaka cafe. Dr Naik said in his videos made available through his office in Mumbai, where the police has now stationed constables, the preacher says he is "not shocked" that the Dhaka terrorists had cited him on social media in recent posts. "More than 90 percent Bangladeshis know me, more than 50 percent are my fans," he said, stressing, "Every fan of mine may not follow everything I say." In the WhatsApp-ed video, he said, "I disagree that I inspired this act of killing innocent people". Indian agencies have launched a probe whilst voices in Indian media are being raised not only to ban Naik’s sermons but also arrest him for allegedly inspiring terrorists. Dr Naik has been banned from entering the UK and Canada for incendiary remarks. He has claimed that his speeches are often doctored to distort his comments.